23 de mayo de 2011

Exclusive interview with Jarboe

En un golpe de suerte y casi sin esperarlo un día nos respondió Jarboe.
Ahora siento cosquilleos en la espalda y de noche escucho voces, como si me acechara algún tipo de deidad sobrenatural.

No importa, es Jarboe, si vendieras el alma por conocer a alguien (asumiendo que tal cosa llamada "alma" existiera), tendría que ser por ella.

Zann: Can you tell me what are your musical projects nowadays?

Jarboe: INDEMNITY is the name of a series of releases I will be doing in conjunction with other work. It features new songs as well as interpretations of songs from Swans and / or Skin. In addition to this, Kris Force and I will be performing The Path at the Venice Bienalle 2011. I am also collaborating currently with several artists on their own projects. Storm of Light and Naer Mataron and Vampillia and Paul Amlehn and Morne...

Zann: You’ve been releasing some material online and in CD-R ¿What is your opinion on this new way of self-releasing material using a digital media like the internet?

Jarboe: My fans like getting the cdr or cd and so I continue to offer the music in a physical form. I think the download format is also important to some fans and I am going to be offering more of my work that way.

Zann: Your music and lyrics have the quality of generating an aura of fear and strangeness on the listener (at least in my case) that is so unique, that makes me wonder every time I listen, what is the basic process you go through every time you make an album? where does it all come from?

Jarboe: All I can say for sure is that an artist has to shut out outside distractions and focus on creating. This is the case for any form of art.

Zann: I know you have your own, I wouldn´t say religion but yes a set of spiritual beliefs that guide your life. If the question is not too personal or intrusive, can you describe them to me? how do they affect your everyday life?

Jarboe: I would say that you don't react from emotions as if they are controlling you. You observe your emotional response but it is fleeting and not real. This attitude and understanding is a basic premise of Buddhism. "Joyful sorrow"...

Zann: You worked, among others with Neurosis and Justin Broadrick, artists that have acknowledged strong influences by the Swans sound and spirit. How are these artists continuing the Swans legacy in the new millennium, if they do at all?

Jarboe: Yes, they have stated they have been influenced by the work that I have been involved in with Swans. That is true. There are many artists who have told me this and the list would include Maynard James Keenan of Tool, Soma of the band Sunn O))) and many many others. I think that there was an influence or inspiration is sufficient as these artists have their own sound and vision.

Zann: Along this subject, you worked with many different bands from the extreme metal pond, even if you are not directly related to that kind of music in the first place. What is your relation to metal in general beyond these collaborations?

Jarboe: I don't put music into categories like "metal" - I just hear music on its own terms. I am comfortable within any genre or working with artists from any genre that has a unique sound. Regarding Phil Anselmo, he is one of the greatest singers in the world in my opinion. I would say the same about Attila Csihar, for sure.

Zann: One of your least promoted and most interesting musical endeavors (at least in my opinion) is Blackmouth, can you tell me how did it start and what inspired you to create it? Will there ever be more music from Blackmouth?

Jarboe: I agree that it is a terrific album. I actually see Blackmouth as the precursor to Neurosis and Jarboe in terms of attitude. Yes, Blackmouth is out of print for years and since I won't be working with those artists again, a new album from Blackmouth would have to be a different band. Blackmouth is the name of the amazing painting on the cover by artist Cedric Victor, btw. I am the one who came up with the name of the band so I am free to use the name again if I want to.

Zann: I appreciate your time and I hope to see you sometime in the future in Buenos Aires.

Jarboe: That would be awesome.

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